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How we arrange trips to Latin America

We know the region and work with the most reliable operators
We have carefully selected the best tours, sights and operators in the countries we cover. As we are in Latin America we can easily travel around checking out places and operators. Key factors in selecting operators are their service quality and support during the trip. We monitor this carefully over time, and seek feedback from returning clients. We avoid at all cost operators offering great prices but unreliable or poor service.

We give rapid personal response
We know that fast response is critical on the internet. In fact, we believe strongly in the importance of working personally with you. To do this we use the phone and email actively, wherever you are in the world, particularly during the planning of your trip. We think this is essential to reassure you, and to make your trip a success.

You normally pay the same as you would going direct
Why work directly with hotels, guides and operators when for a similar price we save you the hassle of organising the whole trip yourself?. Because we are in Costa Rica our costs are substantially lower than those of US or European -based operators, and we pass these savings to you. If you get lower quotes, let us know and we will match where possible.

"I got a catalog from Backroads and they advertised a trip to Peru - meeting in Cusco for 6 nights (2 at Hotel Monasterio, 2 at Sol y Luna in Urubanba, 1 at Sanctuary Lodge and 1 at Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel in Aguas Calientes) The cost of the trip is $3,698. I think you got us a great deal - we stayed 10 more nights - all at wonderful places - for almost the same money. I have shared this info with Aggie, Nancy and George and they join me in thanking you for a great job." Sandy Rea

We can handle all your trip
We can handle all the components - tours, cruises, transfers, hotels, car rentals, and domestic flights. We save you the effort of coordinating many suppliers and hotels, a daunting and often frustrating task in Latin America.

We are a serious and accountable travel company
We understand the possible barrier of dealing with a travel company based in Costa Rica. So we have taken steps to give you confidence that we are serious, responsible, and trustworthy:-

  • we are an A+ rated member of the Better Business Bureau
  • we are members of reputable associations including ASTA, LATA, and IGTOA
  • our team engages with you actively and personally so there is a real relationship
  • we are transparent about who we are (see Our team and About us)
  • we are owner-managed by Europeans with blue chip backgrounds
  • you pay later than with many operators, and only after seeing how we work for you
  • we provide vouchers, contacts and final itinerary 30 days before travel
  • we create for you your own webpage with all these details, eg Barbara Drue page

Unlike others we provide active support during your trip if needed
Not everything always goes smoothly - whether with the tour, hotel arrangements, a guide, or your arrival time. We and our suppliers try hard to solve these. Our supplier relationships give us more clout than you have on your own, and can prove invaluable for solving some problems. See Difficulties for the importance we place here.

"Latin Discover did an excellent job in setting up our trip to the Galapagos. They put together a great package for a good price. We ended up having to change our departure city 1 week before we left and they were more than happy to accommodate this change at no added cost. Overall rating is excellent, I will be using them for future trips." Steven M

"Despite our cancellation the day before arrival, caused by a sudden death in the family, and the prospect of no trip insurance and a 100% cancellation policy, Latin Discover helped organize a later cruise on very reasonable terms. Without Latin Discover's long relationship with the operator we are not sure we could have achieved anything similar, and we remain very grateful for how both Latin Discover and the operator handled our last minute crisis." Lisa D

"I can´t thank you enough! The email and phone calls were effective and I can´t think that these changes could not have been made without your help. Our guide left and was replaced by Harry, who was excellent! He was entertaining, informative, kind, helpful and really knowledgeable about the area, history, geology, biology, etc. Thank you so very much for your efforts. I was really frustrated and very disappointed and had no idea how to make any changes." Lisa T

We can work with your existing travel agent if you prefer
You may have a long-established relationship with an agent, or prefer working through one. No problem! We are happy to work with travel agents and frequently do. The price you pay remains the same.

Our planning and reservation process is attentive to your needs
We are both personal and methodical, as this ensures we arrange what you are after. The process you will see:-

Contact us directly during the planning stage so we can help. Use our website(s) also. Remember we can customize any tours or itinerary for you. Your trip may be the trip of a lifetime, so important for you to enjoy it as you want. The same travel consultant will work with you throughout, so you don't have to deal with a different person every time.

When you are happy with price and trip details, request us to make reservations. We'll confirm tentative reservations within 24 hours, and confirm payment and cancellation policies in a payment overview.

You then pay a deposit, or a full payment for nearby trip dates, and we will immediately send you a PDF receipt by email. We will also confirm the reservations by email. You complete payments as agreed.

30 days before your arrival (or before if you leave your home much earlier), we send you an email with the link to your own personal webpage. We provide this for all tours. It has all your trip details, PDF downloads of vouchers, contact details and itinerary, and useful links, so you can access at any time before or during your trip as needed. You can pass the link to your friends and family. See Barbara Drue page as an example.

When you arrive, you will receive flight tickets and any other vouchers at the place and time we will already have indicated to you. This is often either at the airport pickup, or at the first hotel reception.

During your trip we will be pleased to provide any help and support if you have difficulties, want to make or modify bookings, or want messages forwarded.

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