Beware Hawks on Costa Rican Beaches!

by Paul Cardwell on November 13, 2013

It can be dangerous lying on the beach! One moment all was quiet, sunny and the waves were lapping gently at my feet, the next moment a screeching shadow passed close overhead and landed on a branch further down the beach. And the shadow, by now clearly a hawk of some kind, kept screeching and shifting its weight nervously from one claw to another.

osprey costa rica
Osprey with catch on the beach


Surprisingly I could tiptoe quite close and see what was going on. The bird, an osprey, had a remarkably large fish in its claws and was grabbing a bite when it wasn’t checking that intruders weren’t about to pounce.

So do bear in mind, next time you sun yourself on a Costa Rican beach, that nature also likes to be there…..


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