Must Do Adventure Tour Activities in Costa Rica

by James Eder on February 16, 2012

Must Do Adventure Tour Activities in Costa Rica

Vacations should be memorable, and one of the best ways to make those memories is to enjoy a variety of activities on your trip. Here are some of Costa Rica’s best activities for any adventurous trip.

After obtaining a permit from the local National Park office, climbing Cerro Chirripó is a spectacular way to experience some of Costa Rica’s most biologically diverse areas. This mountain can be enjoyed at a leisurely pace of 2-3 days, allowing plenty of time to view the wildlife, and the summit of the mountain offers views across the entire country on a clear day, from the Pacific to the Caribbean. Snow occasionally falls on the mountain, so consider asking about the local conditions and prepare appropriately before you head up.

For those who’d prefer a shorter trip, the extinct volcano Rincon de La Vieja can be enjoyed during a casual day trip, and the mountain includes a hot, bubbling lake as a major highlight of the trip. Cloudless days are widely considered to be the best for this trip, though, so you may want to avoid scheduling it too far in advance. It would be a shame to miss out on the full experience of this trip due to the weather, after all.

For the athletically-inclined, Costa Rica also offers quite a lot of Mountain Biking down a variety of slopes. Whether you’re brand-new to the sport and just learning (don’t forget safety gear!) or looking for a new mountain to head down, mountain biking is an adrenaline-charged experience like none other.

Costa Rica is widely noted for its positive environmental practices, and Canopy Tours via zip lines are one of the most environmentally-friendly ways to see the beautiful forests. These tours are fairly common throughout the country, and you can ask about tours close to wherever you’re staying to find the one best-suited for you. Combining thrills with a low-impact design, Canopy Tours are a fantastic way to enjoy the natural beauty of Costa Rica without disturbing it.

While these are all ways to enjoy Costa Rica, they’re still not the only events in the area. Depending on the region, it’s also possible to enjoy Whitewater rafting (the Pacuare area comes highly-recommended; remember to travel with an experienced guide), Kayaking from places like the lodges at Osa, Bungee Jumping in Rio Grande, and even Rappelling down canyons or cliffs (for example near Arenal). Costa Rica is filled to the brim with adventure for those who are seeking it out, and many tours in the country provide access to these activities either as part of the program or during free days, making them as easy to get to as they are enjoyable.

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By James Eder


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James Eder February 16, 2012 at 11:55 pm

I’m a big fan of the Canopy Tours, personally. I highly recommend them to everyone healthy enough to participate.


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