The Most Romantic Retreats in Rio

February 13, 2012

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion that only comes up once a year. This season, why not give your lover an unforgettable experience with a surprise trip to Brazil’s legendary Rio de Janeiro? Here are some of the most romantic experiences you’ll find.

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The Top 3 Valentine’s Vacations in Central America

February 11, 2012

By James Eder Treat yourself to something different this year with a Valentine’s Vacation in Central America. Here are three of the most romantic getaways you’ll be able to find. 1) The Maya Magic & Mystery tour in Guatemala is packed with excitement from beginning to end. Featuring eight days and seven nights, this tour […]

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Top 5 South America Cruise Tours

February 3, 2012

By James Eder One of the best ways to experience the sights of South America (including seeing some of the rarest animals) is to take a cruise and experience in a few days by boat what would take you a lot longer to pass on land. Here are five of the best cruise tours in […]

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The Top Five Volcanoes to Visit in Costa Rica

January 28, 2012

By James Eder Situated within the heart of Latin America, Costa Rica is a small, fertile, and welcoming country. It’s also one of the most exciting places to visit, featuring literally dozens of volcanoes for the intrepid explorer to visit. Here are five of the top volcanoes to visit on a trip to Costa Rica. […]

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The best books on Latin America – our choice

August 27, 2011

Here is our choice, inevitably 100% personal:-

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Cell phones and Latin America travel

August 12, 2011

As the use of mobile phones becomes more widespread, so does the natural desire to remain in contact whilst you travel in Latin America. So the question is, what is possible and best for travelers to Latin America? And do smart phones work here? The answers depend on budget, convenience, what communications are needed, and the […]

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How not to travel – Lope de Aguirre

June 7, 2011

As a travel company we try as hard as we can to make trips problem-free and above expectations. Apart from occasional glitches, often due to the inimitable forces of Latin American nature,  they go well. Memorable – but in the right sense. Disasters are also memorable, sometimes for much longer. And Lope de Aguirre’s trip was such […]

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Transforming travel Sabato-style

May 8, 2011

At its best, travel is a refreshing tonic, transforming our way of thinking in subtle ways. We wake to find ourselves with wider horizons, and perhaps a slightly different view of our position in the world. Hopefully not as radical though as the Kafka-style transformation the late Argentine writer Ernesto Sabato famously penned in his […]

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Guyana, land of waters

April 9, 2011

This is the country to visit if you have a hankering to see jungle, jungle and more jungle! 80% of Guyana is jungle, and although it is the smallest country in South America, it still is 4 times the size of Costa Rica and with a population one-sixth the size. Most people live on the […]

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Why El Dorado as a name?

March 16, 2011

Obvious question. If there’s one overused phrase, particularly in Latin America, it’s ‘El Dorado’. It conjures up images of an imaginary place luring expedition after expedition of greedy conquistadores to failure and death.

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