The Most Romantic Retreats in Rio

by James Eder on February 13, 2012

The Most Romantic Retreats in Rio

Sugarloaf Mountain (Left) Buzios (Center) Corcovado Mountain (Right)

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion that only comes up once a year. This season, why not give your lover an unforgettable experience with a surprise trip to Brazil’s legendary Rio de Janeiro? Here are some of the most romantic experiences you’ll find.

Known far and wide as the most luxurious location in Rio, the Copacabana Palace is a stunning, five-star attraction that offers the absolute best in every category, from its incredible cuisine by some of Brazil’s most talented chefs to services that are the envy of the entire world. For the greatest romantic retreats in all of Rio, there’s really nowhere like the Copacabana to show that special someone just how much you care.

However, absolute luxury admittedly isn’t for everyone. For those whose idea of romance includes a little less glitter and a little more comfort, Santa Teresa Hotel is a saving grace. Constructed on an old coffee plantation with the ideals of Brazilian tropical design in mind, Santa Teresa offers peace of mind, exquisitely cared-for tropical gardens, and inspired use of natural materials that all help to ensure that you’ll have the most romantic vacation of your life.

Finishing up the most romantic places in Rio is a place somewhat north of the city proper. With pristine white walls, Mediterranean architecture, an affiliated spa, several restaurants, and a host of other items, this beautiful location in the Buzios region offers an incredible selection of sights and experiences to help you with the ultimate in romantic getaways. Casa Brancas is a peaceful, pleasant retreat in an area known for its beautiful beaches and landscapes, so if Rio proper is a little too busy for you, this hotel is a prime alternative.

While Rio de Janeiro supports these (and many other) romantic locations, no trip is really complete without knowing what you want to do. Brazil’s most vivid city is more than capable of providing all the entertainment you could ever want, but for those who prefer their vacations to be a little more guided, here are a few tours that can help your romantic retreat.

For those who’d prefer a shorter trip, or maybe your budget just isn’t all that large, the Rio a la Carte is a quick, three-night vacation that covers some of the area’s biggest highlights, including Sugar Loaf Mountain and Corcovado (which, in turn, holds the iconic Statue of Christ the Redeemer). With one day allotted for a tour of the Rio area and another day to explore on your own, this compact tour is the perfect surprise for your loved one.

If you’re in the mood for a longer romantic getaway (perhaps a surprise second honeymoon?), however, you won’t do better than Brazil like a Native. With ten days and nine nights of excitement, this extended tour offers access to some of Brazil’s most fascinating events and areas as well as the time to see them in. Four free days in the various areas visited on this tour allow you the opportunity to enjoy Brazil on your own terms, while the rest of the tour is packed with events such as seeing the construction of the floats used in the legendary Carnival, visiting the gorgeous, nigh-endless beaches of Buzios, and a historical tour of the city of Salvador. From the exotic, artistic designs in Rio itself to the beautiful shores and age-old buildings, Brazil like a Native allows you to experience the many aspects of this fabulous nation, all while offering some of the most romantic opportunities you’ll find.

For a truly romantic Valentine’s, there’s nowhere like Rio de Janeiro.

By James Eder


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James Eder February 16, 2012 at 11:54 pm

Keep in mind the person you’re bringing with you when you’re looking for a romantic retreat. Glamour and style work better on some people than others; what’s most important is that you truly enjoy the trip. Trust me, it helps.


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