The Top Tours in Costa Rica for Nature Lovers

by James Eder on March 26, 2012

Costa Rica is a nation famed for its careful conservation efforts, and it takes quite a lot of pride in what it’s managed to accomplish. Showcasing the natural beauty of this country are four great tours, each with their own unique focus.

For those who’d like to see as much as they can, “A Bit of Everything” is a tour that’s just what it sounds like it should be, hosting eight days and seven nights of Costa Rican culture. The journey starts in San Jose, and features a full day of fun and exploration before heading out the following day on the next stage of the trip, going up to Tortuguero (where, depending on the time of year, you may have the chance to view things such as nesting turtles). After about two days in this area, the trip continues to Manuel Antonio for activities such as dolphin watching and swimming before a return to San Jose. With an eye for showing off some of the most beautiful plants and friendly animals in all of Costa Rica, “A Bit of Everything” is a tour not to be missed.

For those who prefer to actively experience a country, though, the “Adventure Odyssey” tour is everything you could want. Longer than most tours at ten days and nine nights, this physically-focused tour has a Canopy Tour through the forests, a hike up to some of the area’s most pleasant (and safe) hot springs, a biking tour, whitewater rafting that goes as high as Class IV (serious rafters only, and don’t be surprised if you’re thrown out a time or two), and a variety of transportation as you travel throughout the country. The days are so filled with excitement that you’ll barely have the chance to catch your breath, and only rarely will you spend the night in the same building twice. The “Adventure Odyssey” is an experience like none other, and affords the opportunity to get incredibly close to nature.

However, not everyone wants such an adrenaline-pumping tour. For those who’d like to enjoy Costa Rica at their leisure, the “Essence of Costa Rica” provides a comfortable, two-week trip that leaves plenty of time to relax and enjoy yourself any way you want. Featuring calming tours of conservation areas, museums, beaches, and an amazing number of areas primed with natural beauty, the “Essence of Costa Rica” is a fantastic opportunity to take photographs and truly observe natural wonder at its very finest.

The most open vacation, however, may well be “The Original Open Voucher”. This unusual package provides a rental vehicle and vouchers for stays at over sixty different hotels, allowing you to go just about wherever you want, whenever you want, and enjoy Costa Rica to the fullest in exactly the way you want. The duration of this trip is highly variable, too, so you can travel at exactly your own pace to fully experience Costa Rica.

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