The Top 3 Valentine’s Vacations in Central America

by James Eder on February 11, 2012

The Top 3 Valentines Vacations in Central America - Latin Discover

Rio On Pools (Left) - Lake Atitlan (Center) - Gamboa Rainforest Resort (Right)

By James Eder

Treat yourself to something different this year with a Valentine’s Vacation in Central America. Here are three of the most romantic getaways you’ll be able to find.

1) The Maya Magic & Mystery tour in Guatemala is packed with excitement from beginning to end. Featuring eight days and seven nights, this tour crosses much of the width of Central America as you travel from the iconic city of Antigua to the Azotea Coffee Farm, the Maya Museum, and even the Chichicastenango Market. There’s no need to worry about getting bored on this trip; if your idea of a romantic vacation is one filled with new sights, sounds, and tastes, this tour has you covered. If you’re worried about your pocketbook, though, don’t be. This tour offers multiple options in each range of luxury, allowing you the choice of which version of the tour is best for you.

2) Hot on the heels of the Mayans comes Path Between the Oceans tour, one of the few tours where you’ll see both the Pacific and Atlantic sides of a country in the same trip. Featuring eight days and seven nights, just as the Maya tour does, Panama’s trip has an even greater emphasis on exploration and discovery. Unlike the historical nature of the Maya tour, however, the Path Between the Oceans showcases nature in all its tropical glory, with events ranging from bird-watching to explanations on the use of plants to help treat disease. Perfect for the environmentally conscious (or those who simply happen to enjoy the beauty of the natural world), this trip offers a way to connect with your love and nature both, and it’s unlikely you’ll ever forget it.

3) It’s pretty hard to avoid the remnants of the Mayan civilization when you’re in Central America. That’s why this tour doesn’t even try; based in Belize, the Mountains, Mayas, and Cayes tour is a day longer than the two tours above, and focuses on learning and exploration. The tour departs early on the first full day to take you on a trip to the largest archeological site in Belize, then heads on to the Rio Frio cave (a site of ancient worship) and from there to a number of natural pools for relaxation. You’ll also take a canoe through the Barton Creek cave, ride through the rainforest on horseback, see waterfalls and the ruins of temples, and even get the chance to go snorkeling and see some coral in the beautiful waters of the Caribbean. Full to the brim with the history of Central America, this active vacation allows for a Valentine’s trip that features adventure and excitement as the primary theme.

Whether you’re looking for a dive into the local culture, a chance to see nature’s beauty, or a way to observe some of Central America’s most storied parts of history, a Valentine’s vacation in this part of the world is a great way to make some memories and build up the most important relationship in your life.


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James Eder February 16, 2012 at 11:52 pm

Valentine’s may be over (at the time of writing this), but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a romantic trip at any time of the year. Try to keep in mind that local festivals may follow a schedule you’re not used to, though; researching a place before you visit is *always* a good idea.


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