Top 5 Places to Visit and Things to Do in Chile

by James Eder on May 22, 2012

Chile is a country with a lot to do and even more to see. Here are five of the top places to visit, as well as activities that can be enjoyed in each area.

1.) Atacama Desert

Covering 40,600 square miles, it can be hard to know where to start in the Atacama Desert. Despite its proximity to the Pacific Ocean, the Atacama is actually one of the driest places on the planet, which means that many of the ruins in the area have been preserved remarkably well. Visitors can take a walk through the Padre Le Paige museum, explore the pre-Inca ruins of Tulor, examine Moon Valley and the Atacama Salt Lake, or even see the unusual El Tatio geysers. Horseback-riding and sand-boarding are popular sports in the area, though it is highly recommended that all visitors bring something to drink.

2.) Easter Island

For those who prefer a little more water, Easter Island is a moderate flight from the coast of Chile. A little over 63 square miles large, the island isn’t large enough to host too many inhabitants. However, visitors can find archeological ruins and volcanoes, as well as attend annual celebrations such as the Tapati festival. Easter Island also works well as a cruise destination, providing a truly unique destination. Visitors can continue on the ship back to port or fly home from the island’s airport, allowing for easier scheduling as well.

3.) Patagonia

The southern part of Chile hosts Patagonia, a spacious region known for its dramatic scenery and abundant wildlife. Less-developed than some other regions of the country, the Patagonia area offers National Parks (such as the Torres del Paine), the Perito Moreno glacier, and other natural wonders. Trekking excursions are a popular way to experience Patagonia and allow visitors to fully experience the land around them.

4.) Central Valley

For those who prefer their experiences to be a bit more modern, the Central Valley region hosts the capital city of Chile, Santiago. It also has easy access to the Andes Mountains, where visitors can enjoy winter sports as well as a number of wineries and other luxurious producers that cater to the finer tastes of life.

5.) Lake District

The Lake District, or Los Lagos, region offers a combination of many of Chile’s features. Fishing, forestry, and cattle ranching are all common sights in the area, while the abundant rivers, lakes, waterfalls, and volcanoes offer nature-lovers a truly unique place to explore. For those who’d prefer to relax, the Lake District also has easy access to the Andes Mountains, with activities including ski resorts, hot springs, and a number of other recreational activities.

With abundant natural beauty and enough modern development to provide the better things in life, Chile offers an incredible variety of places to explore and activities to enjoy, making it an ideal destination for any vacation.

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James Eder May 27, 2012 at 10:01 pm

Easter Island isn’t quite as easily accessible as many of the other areas you can visit in Chile, but I think it’s interesting enough to be worth the trip, whether flying in or taking a boat. There’s nothing quite like visiting a storied location in person.


Pa Kapke October 11, 2012 at 11:12 pm

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