Why El Dorado as a name?

by Aguirre on March 16, 2011

Obvious question. If there’s one overused phrase, particularly in Latin America, it’s ‘El Dorado’. It conjures up images of an imaginary place luring expedition after expedition of greedy conquistadores to failure and death.

But it also captures the spirit of the New World, and why many fall prey to its spell. Like us, who arrived over 15 years ago planning to stay just a few years. Like many immigrants to Argentina, Chile and elsewhere, who arrived to seek their fortunes and often to escape a difficult home life. Few find their fortune, few die in the attempt these days, but usually the dream survives despite the unpleasant cold wind of reality. And inherited by the next generations, who seek their own version of El Dorado. At the end this is what makes Latin America so appealing and I believe unique – the mingling of the dream with reality. This is why we stayed.

We set up Latin Discover to further this idea, this dream. At times actual reality is very humdrum. Our various websites are probably too factual. But it’s great that, despite rolling by of the years, we still see glimpses of El Dorado in Latin America, whether in history or in everyday events. This blog hopes to share these glimpses.


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