Ecuador & Galapagos tours

Bartolome island

Galapagos is one of the wonders of the world, a laboratory of evolution and trip of a lifetime.

And Ecuador is the smallest Andean country, almost Latin America in miniature. You can see the Amazon, Andes and Galapagos easily in one visit - or even head across the border to fabulous Peru and visit Machu Picchu as well for the true dream trip.

Our most popular tours

Sea lions underwater
click for PDF version  Intense Galapagos    10 nights from $2991 pp
Explore the remarkable evolutionary tale of Galapagos with an 8 day cruise on the 16 passenger motor yacht Aida Maria, and hotel stays before and after in Quito. Other yacht options possible. more details
Bartolome island
click for PDF version  Essence of Galapagos    7 nights from $2179 pp
A fascinating 4 night cruise of the Galapagos Islands on board Aida Maria, with hotel stays before and after in Quito. Many smaller or larger yacht options also possible. more details
Land iguana
click for PDF version  Galapagos and Amazon    12 nights from $4296 pp
Discover the wonders of Ecuador with a 4 night Galapagos cruise on the luxurious Legend and a visit to La Selva Jungle Lodge in the remote Amazon. Other yacht options can be organised. more details
Close up of giant tortoise
click for PDF version  Boobies and Incas    10 nights from $3352 pp
Make the most of your trip to the region by combining the natural wonder of the Galapagos Islands with the cultural, scenic and archaeological marvels of Cuzco, the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu. This option includes a 4 night Galapagos cruise. more details
Complete crabshell
click for PDF version  Iguanas and Incas    15 nights from $5071 pp
Latin America`s magnificent natural and cultural wonders combined: a 7 night cruise around the Galapagos Islands and a tour of Peru's Machu Picchu and Cuzco. more details
Local women selling fruit
A short but special tour focussed on the essentials of the rainforest, Baņos, Riobamba, and the World Heritage site of Cuenca more details
Galapagos tortoise
click for PDF version  Hotel Silberstein and daily tours    7 nights from $N/A pp
Tours from 3 to 8 days. Combined packages, accomodation will be at Hotel Silberstein with a day trip each day. more details
Pink flamingo - Isabela Is.
click for PDF version  Island Hopping: Santa Cruz & Isabela Island    5 nights from $1216 pp
The "Island Hopping" was designed for people who prefer to travel from island to island in speed boats but still in a relaxed way with the goal to visit as much as possible of the Enchanted Islands. more details