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Highland Maya Markets (12 days / 11 nts)

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Places Visited:
v/   Antigua
v/   Chichicastenango
v/   Lake Atitlan
v/   Xela
v/   San Andres
v/   Xecul
v/   Todos Santos
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Visit the traditional town of Solola where everyone is dressed in the brightly colored local textiles and even the men here wear the traditional costume of the area. Explore even deeper into the high Cuchumatanes mountains to the remote and highly traditional village of Todos Santos.
Day 1:Guatemala City - Antigua
Day 2:Antigua Pick & make your own coffee
Day 3:Antigua Walking Tour
Day 4:Chichi Lake Atitlan Tour (San Juan, Santiago)
Day 5:San Juan La Laguna & Santiago
Day 6:Solola - Concepcion - Lake Atitlan
Day 7:Xela - Quetzaltenango
Day 8:Almolonga Market - San Andres - Quetzaltenango - Xela
Day 9:San Francisco Market - Unicornio Azul
Day 10:Todos Los Santos Market - Unicornio Azul
Day 11:Unicornio Azul - Antigua
Day 12:Antigua - Departure from Guatemala City

Day 1:  Guatemala City - Antigua
G(Included meals : N / A).uests are met & transferred in a private vehicle to Antigua. (1hr).
Day 2:  Antigua Pick & make your own coffee
In the morning guests will enjoy an active and participating tour of small local coffee farms to learn about the coffee history and process. Free afternoon. As Green as it Gets (GAIG) is a charity working to support small independent coffee producers and promoting environmentally responsible agriculture in Guatemala.

This tour takes guests to visit some of the families supported by this organization where they can work side-by-side with small coffee farmers in their daily coffee processing, pick, pulp, ferment, wash, dry, trilla, sort, and grade the coffee (depending on the season), roast coffee over an open fire and grind by hand on a grindstone before sampling their handiwork. Coffee Season is Nov to Mar. This tour includes a donation to GAIG and our suppliers Foundation also supports this organization on an annual basis.

(Included meals : Breakfast ).
Day 3:  Antigua Walking Tour
Guests will take a private half day walking tour of Antigua. (3-4hr). The tour takes in the main square, Palace, Cathedral, La Merced Church & San Francisco Church. All entrances are included. Saturday is also market day so guests can have a guided tour of Antigua Market. Free Afternoon..

(Included meals : Breakfast).
Day 4:  Chichi Lake Atitlan Tour (San Juan, Santiago)
Today guests have a private transfer approx. 3hr to the famous market at Chichi. Time for shopping in this fabulous craft market and an opportunity to see Maya rituals being performed in the Catholic Church. After the tour guests will enjoy their lunch before transferring on to their hotel at Lake Atitlan (1hr).

(Included meals : Breakfast, Lunch ).
Day 5:  San Juan La Laguna & Santiago
This morning guests will take a private scenic boat ride across Lake Atitlan (30min) to the village of San Juan La Laguna where they have a private guided tour of a women’s textile cooperative to see hand weaving and natural dye process and the studios / homes of the local celebrated naïf painters. From here guests continue to the village of Santiago where they have lunch in a local hotel and tour the village visiting the Maya God Maximon and learn about the textiles, spiritualism and beliefs of the T’zutujil Maya.

(Included meals : Breakfast, Lunch ).
Day 6:  Solola - Concepcion - Lake Atitlan
EGuests are picked up from their hotel by their driver & guide and transfer approx 30mins up to the traditional town of Solola. (For guests staying in Santiago this also requires a 30min boat ride across the lake) On market day this town is bursting with life and local Maya people from all around the area flock to the market to buy and sell their wares for the week ahead.
veryone is dressed in the brightly colored local textiles and even the men here wear the traditional costume of the area. This is a fabulous and authentic market to visit. When clients are ready they will be transferred to the local rural village of Concepcion.  Although this village is close to the more tourist area of Lake Atitlan it is in many respects a world away and offers a real glimpse of rural, agricultural life of the local Maya people. Guests will visit the church which has recently been reconstructed, a Shamans house and the Maya god Maximon and will also walk through the fields where they will see how people grow their crops. The combination of the market in Solola and the tour in Concepcion gives the traveler a wonderful insight into Maya life in the Solola district of Guatemala.

(Included meals : Breakfast, Lunch).
Day 7:  Xela - Quetzaltenango
Guests will enjoy a free morning to relax or explore more of the Lake Atitlan area. After lunch guests will have a private transfer to Quetzaltenango (Xela) (3hr).
(Included meals : Breakfast).
Day 8:  Almolonga Market - San Andres - Quetzaltenango - Xela
Guests will have a private transfer to Almolonga where they will visit the vegetable market. They will then visit the market at San Andres Xecul with its famous Yellow church, visit the textile cooperative in Zunil & the blown glass cooperative. If time permits guests can also enjoy the hot springs.

(Included meals : Breakfast, Lunch).
Day 9:  San Francisco Market - Unicornio Azul
This morning guests will have a private guided visit the famous market at San Francisco El Alto which is one of the largest open air markets in Central America and is famous for its interesting animal market. Once guests are ready they will then transfer to Unicornio Azul for the coming 2 nights.
(Included meals : Breakfast ).
Day 10:  Todos Los Santos Market - Unicornio Azul
Today guests transfer still deeper into the high Cuchumatanes mountains to the remote and highly traditional village of Todos Santos. (1hr) Here guests enjoy the market and the interesting local costume before transferring back to Unicornio Azul. (1hr) Private transfers and guide to accompany guests all day.)
(Included meals : Breakfast)
Day 11:  Unicornio Azul - Antigua
Today guests will have a private transfer all the way back through the Maya Highlands to Antigua (6hrs).

(Included meals : Breakfast.
Day 12:  Antigua - Departure from Guatemala City
This morning guests have a private transfer to the airport (approx 10mins) in plenty of time to catch their international flight.

(Included meals : Breakfast).


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