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Wonders of Panama (12 days / 11 nts)

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Places Visited:
v/   Panama City
v/   Gamboa
v/   Playa Blanca
v/   San Blas (Kuna Yala)
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A program recommended for the entire family, and designed for those with time to learn all about Panama's outstanding culture and traditions. You will visit Panama City, El Valle of Anton and its Sunday market, the one-hour train ride to Colon City, Portobelo National Park, Gamboa at Soberania National Park, an indigenous community at Chagres National Park, Barro Colorado at Barro Colorado National Park on Gatun Lake, Kuna Yala Archipelago, and Playa Blanca.

Day 1:Arrival to the City of Panama - Gamboa
Day 2:Tropical rainforest, Gamboa
Day 3:Barro Colorado Biological Natural Reserve Monument
Day 4:The Route of the Gold
Day 5:Panama City, “Casco Antiguo”, Flamenco Island and Panama Canal
Day 6:One day with the Indigenous Culture Emberá
Day 7:Antón of Valley in the Crater of to Volcano
Day 8:Indigenous culture Kuna in Kuna Yala Archipelago
Day 9:City of Panama
Day 10:Wed. Playa Blanca
Day 11:Playa Blanca
Day 12:Fly out from Panama

Day 1:  Arrival to the City of Panama - Gamboa (Mon)
Arrival at the international airport, greeting by our representative and transfer to the hotel, which is approximately one hour from the Airport. Overnight. Gamboa rainforest resort

(Included meals : N / A)
Day 2:  Tropical rainforest, Gamboa (Tue)
During the day, enjoy visits to the exhibitions: snake house, butterfly farm, indigenous village and aquarium. Enjoy the unparallel experience of the aerial tram into the rainforest canopy. At its highest point, you will have a marvelous view of the Canal, the Chagres River and the Gatun Lake.

You will have time to take additional tours such as a boat ride in Gatun Lake, a Kayak ride or an evening tour boat ride, from which you will hear the sounds of the forest, as well as the bright, shining eyes of the mammals that live there. Overnight Gamboa Rainforest Resort.

(Included meals : Breakfast)
Day 3:  Barro Colorado Biological Natural Reserve Monument (Wed)
Early in the morning, we will head for the dock at Gamboa, where we will embark for Barro Colorado. Barro Colorado is located at the center of the Gatun Lake. Beside our small craft, we might have a big transatlantic or freighter that we will find on our way to Barro Colorado. At Barro Colorado, there are trails which have been laid out since 1986, which have been designed to foment respect for ecological interaction, while offering the opportunity to experience and to participate in the natural history of the forest. The main trail travels the tropical forest in 45 minutes, visiting the Giant Tree and 53 more important points.

In 1923, at the petition of a group of scientists, this area was declared a biological reserve, and laboratories for investigative research were established, thus becoming the first of its kind in the New World. In 1946, the Smithsonian Tropical Institute becomes responsible for the administration and use of this reserve and in 1979 more territory was added on mainland and was declared Monument of Nature. After the tour, return to the Panama City.Overnight. Gamboa Rainforest Resort.
(Included meals : Breakfast, Lunch)
Day 4:  The Route of the Gold
Soberania National Park, Camino de Cruces National Park, Portobelo National Park and Transoceanic Train. (Thu) The tour begins in the ruins of Old Panama first city founded on the pacific by the spaniards. Today, it is known as Old Panama, and it was where the treasures coming from Peru were disembarked on the Pacific, and crossed over the KingĀ“s Bridge through camino de cruces.

The rainforest of this park offers a variety of activities, environmental interpretation, observation of birds, and walking trails such as El Charco, Camino del Oleoducto (Pipeline Path) and Camino de la Plantacion. The cultural and historical aspect of this Park gives testimony to the importance of the Isthmus of Panama as a path between the seas during colonial times, where these trails were used to transport gold and silver of the famous fairs at Portobelo.

We will travel through the park, only stopping at the entrance and Camino de Cruces, to continue toward Portobelo, where we will walk the old fortifications and the restored customs building, where the goods for the fairs were stored. A short documentary will present its history. Lunch at a restaurant in the area.

Later, we will head for Colon City to board the transoceanic Railroad, where you will witness first-hand the beauty of the Canal’s surroundings. Overnight at Panama City

(Included meals : Breakfast, Lunch)
Day 5:  Panama City, “Casco Antiguo”, Flamenco Island and Panama Canal (Fri)
Our journey begins in the Old, where once plundered and destroyed Casco Antiguo the first city, you transfer the same one toward 1673. This well-known sector as ´I Crack Old´ it conserves the architecture of colonial, French and Spanish style. The Altar of Gold, Snub Arch, Squares, Churches and Cathedral, the Presidential Palace, The Great National Theater, the Vaults, are some of the places they visited on foot in a journey for the Old Helmet. In the Square of the Independence in a beautiful building this the Museum of the Channel Interoceánico of Panama that will also be visited.

We will continue toward Flamenco Island one of the three islands in the entrance of the Panama Canal of and finally we will go to the Miraflores Looks, the nearest to the city of the game of three that you/they go the ships during the voyage by the Panama Canal. From the Visitors Center they will have an excellent vision of the whole operation of the ship crossing the looks in anyone of the directions north or south, besides a short one documental and it visits to their exhibitions and pretender of a ship going by the Panama Canal. In hours of the night it has dinner in typical restaurant with folkloric show. Overnight at Panama City

(Included meals : Breakfast, Lunch)
Day 6:  One day with the Indigenous Culture Emberá (Sat)
This fascinating tour begins early in the morning. Once arrived to our destination in the This fascinating adventure will begin early in the morning. Once we arrive at Chagres National Park, we will embark on small canoes that take us through Lake Alajuela and the Chagres River until we reach the friendly people of the Embera-Drua Community. Enjoy learning about their culture and traditions and have lunch in their thatched huts, and it will be a diet based on fish and plantains.

You will also have the chance to take a tour with the “Medicine Man” who will explain the use of plants as natural medicines. You will have the opportunity to go for a refreshing swim before we return to the city at the village’s beautiful tranquil natural pool or at a waterfall, which is approximately 20 minutes walking distance. Do not forget to purchase some of their incredible crafts.

The Embera Indians are master artisans, known for their trays, fine baskets and high quality woodcarvings. In addition to crafting objects for sale, skilled woodcarving has many traditional uses in the Embera culture, including fabricating hunting weapons, canoes, paddles, household furnishing and ceremonial objects. The Embera have recently expanded their carving skills to tagua, known as “vegetable ivory”, and have created a unique and imaginative art inspired by the plants and animals of the rainforest. The Embera artisans carve the tagua with hand tools and polish the tagua with a series of fine abrasives; no varnishes or lacquers are used. Overnight at Panama City

(Included meals : Breakfast, Lunch)
Day 7:  Antón of Valley in the Crater of to Volcano (Sun)
El Valle of Anton, is located at the center of an extinct volcano; possibly the biggest in Central America. This valley is 600 meters above sea level with impressive panoramic views and a cool and pleasant climate. Upon arrival, we will visit the picturesque market of local indigenous crafts, where you will be able make purchases.

Next, we will visit El Macho Waterfall and the ancient petroglyphs. (If you wish you can go for a swim at the waterfall). Afterwards, we will visit El Nispero Gardens and Zoo. We will stop for lunch at a local restaurant.

For those who are seeking adventure, we recommend the Canopy. What a thrill to go from platform to platform among treetops. You should take advantage of this opportunity. The price of the Canopy is not included (price is per person). Overnight at Panama City.

(Included meals : Breakfast, Lunch)
Day 8:  Indigenous culture Kuna in Kuna Yala Archipelago (Mon)
Very early in the morning, depart for the Domestic Airport, and head for one of the more than 365 Islands of the Kuna Yala Archipelago. After the 30-minute flight, you will arrive at this beautiful place where you will enjoy a short stay on an island inhabited by indigenous Kunas who will share their culture. You will have the option going to a deserted island to take a swim in the Caribbean. (This depends on the island you choose). Overnight at Kuna Yala.

(Included meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Day 9:  City of Panama (Tue)
Once in Panama, transfer to your hotel. Free day to rest or to take any other optional tour, go shopping, enjoy the city, or simply enjoy the hotel’s facilities. Overnight at Panama City.

(Included meals : Breakfast)
Day 10:  Wed. Playa Blanca
Conclude your vacation at Playa Blanca Resort, where you will enjoy the sun, the white sands and the warm waters of the Pacific. Overnight at Panama Playa Blanca .

(Included meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Day 11:  Playa Blanca (Thu)
Free day at the resort. Overnight at Panama Playa Blanca .

(Included meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Day 12:  Fly out from Panama (Fri)
At the set time, transfer to the Airport, or continue with another program.

(Included meals : Breakfast)


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