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Kaieteur Overland (8 days / 7 nts)

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Kaieteur Falls | Kaieteur Overland

Places Visited:
v/   Georgetown
v/   Linden
v/   Konawaruk Mountains
v/   Amatuk
v/   Waratuk
v/   Ibini Mountain
v/   Tukiet
v/   Kaieteur Falls
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For the more adventurous, reach the remote and stunning Kaieteur Falls by road, boat, and a 3 day jungle trek past mountain ranges and water falls, ending with an adrenaline climb up to the Falls.
Day 1:Arrive at Georgetown
Day 2:Georgetown
Day 3:Linden - Mahdia - Amatuk
Day 4:Waratuk
Day 5:Tukiet
Day 6:Kaieteur
Day 7:Kaieteur - Georgetown
Day 8:Depart Georgetown

Day 1:  Arrive at Georgetown
Arrive in Guyana. Pick up and transfer to Cara Lodge, 150-year-old heritage house converted into a small hotel. Overnight at Cara Lodge.

(Included meals : N / A)
Day 2:  Georgetown
This morning enjoy a guided tour of Georgetown City. This afternoon have a briefing on the overland trip and prepare your gear.  Overnight at Cara Lodge.

(Included meals : Breakfast)
Day 3:  Linden - Mahdia - Amatuk
This morning depart Georgetown at 0630hrs traveling for 8 hours, passing through the bauxite town of Linden, then through miles and miles of lush rainforest and rolling hills, stopping briefly at ‘58’ where you enjoy a lovely vegetarian lunch or fried local fish or chicken.

Rejuvenated, you continue your journey passing through the Konawaruk Mountains where opportunity of sightings of curassow, deer, etc are frequent and we’ll continue by crossing with the Ferry to the bustling gold-mining town of Mahdia, then to Pamela Landing where you travel by boat for 2 ½ hours to Amatuk. Here, on this beautiful island of white sand with the 170 ft drop Amatuk Falls just a few yards away, you camp for the night. A refreshing bath in the river and a sumptuous meal prepared by Melford and Ina are all you need before climbing into your hammock. The fresh, clean air will soon render you fast asleep. Overnight at camp Amatuk. 

(Included meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Day 4:  Waratuk
The next day you leave by boat and foot, trekking through the jungle, swimming across creeks and walking across jungle bridges (tree trunks), a short boat-ride through the rapids and you arrive at Waratuk where you camp for the night.

(Included meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Day 5:  Tukiet
The next morning, after a good night’s sleep and a delicious breakfast, you set off on foot for Tukiet with the enigmatic Ibini mountain range in a distance as your constant companion. Another short boat ride and you reach just in time for lunch at Tukiet, the bottom of Kaieteur Falls. A cool dip in the river with the ‘Old Man’s Beard’, a beautiful falls, flowing gently down a steep drop from high up the mountain just across the river.  Here you’ll have a spectacular view of Kaieteur gorge.  Overnight at Tukiet in hammocks. 

(Included meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Day 6:  Kaieteur
After breakfast from Tukeit your will ascend the mountain to the top of Kaieteur falls the ascent winds it way up the mountain through changing vegetation as the altitude rises.  You will pass cool mountains streams where it is impossible to cress without a dip. 

The final stage of the climb is known as “OH MY GOD”. Did you say that you liked challenges? This climb will challenge you both physically and mentally. With your backpack strapped securely unto your back and your water bottle within easy reach After four and a half exhilarating hours of climbing, enough time to come to terms with yourself and find out who you really are, you eventually reach the top.

The feeling of achievement is indescribable as you proudly view the grandeur of the mighty Kaieteur Falls, the highest single-drop waterfalls in the world. At dusk thousands of swifts gather the sky like dark clouds then plunge into the water of the falls, to their nesting site on the rock face behind the falls.  A peaceful and contented night’s rest at the Kaieteur Guest House will refresh you for the next day’s activities. Overnight at Kaieteur Guest House. 

(Included meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Day 7:  Kaieteur - Georgetown
A tour around the Kaieteur Park will prove to be a truly fascinating experience. You will get the chance to view the Kaieteur Falls from several vantage points that offer excellent photo opportunities. The knowledgeable tour guide is a vault of information that is simply incredible. With stealth and a little patience you can get a close- up view of the beautiful, but poisonous ‘golden frog’ and, if you’re lucky you’ll catch a glimpse of the brilliantly coloured, orange ‘Cock-of-the-rock’.

You will also make the acquaintance of several pretty carnivores’ plants, some of which feed on insects. There are lots of beautiful, wild flowers to, including the decorative Heliconia. On the plane to Georgetown you get a final, spectacular aerial view of Kaieteur Falls and the gorge and the awe-inspiring expanse of rainforest and rivers that will hold the secrets of your adventure forever. Transfer and overnight at Cara Lodge. 

(Included meals : Breakfast, Lunch)
Day 8:  Depart Georgetown
Transfer to Airport for departing flight. 

(Included meals : Breakfast)
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  Private service
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