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Waterfall and Mountain Explorer (16 days / 15 nts)

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Kaieteur from the air | Waterfall and Mountain Explorer

Places Visited:
v/   Georgetown
v/   Linden
v/   Mabura
v/   Konawaruk
v/   Kaieteur
v/   Waratuk
v/   Lethem
v/   Boa Vista
v/   Santa Elena
v/   Canaima
v/   Paritepuy
v/   Roraima
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An exciting expedition combining a 4 day trek to the Kaieteur Falls, then crossing the Venezuelan border to Canaima National Park for an exciting 3 day trek to the most famous tepui, Roraima, where a full day is spent exploring the summit. Then return to Guyana and fly back to Georgetown.
Day 1:Arrive in Guyana
Day 2:Georgetown
Day 3:Georgetown - Konawaruk
Day 4:Kaieteur
Day 5:Waratuk
Day 6:Kaieteur
Day 7:Kaieteur - Georgetown
Day 8:Lethem - Boa Vista
Day 9:Canaima
Day 10:Roraima
Day 11:Roraima
Day 12:Roraima
Day 13:Roraima
Day 14:Santa Elena
Day 15:Lethem
Day 16:Fly out from Georgetown

Day 1:  Arrive in Guyana
Monday Arrive in Guyana and transfer to Georgetown.  Overnight at Cara Lodge.

(Included meals : N / A)
Day 2:  Georgetown
Tuesday This morning enjoy a city tour of Georgetown, highlighting the unique architecture, markets, zoo and much more. Afternoon to prepare equipment for interior expedition and relax at leisure. Overnight at Cara Lodge. 

(Included meals : Breakfast)
Day 3:  Georgetown - Konawaruk
Wednesday This morning depart Georgetown at 0700hrs by vehicle (Bus) for comfortable ride along the highway to Linden.  From Linden it is a 5hrs dusty trip on the Mabura hill road.  From Mabura hill road you will enter the Konawaruk Mountains, where sightings on the road of Currsow, deer and jaguar are frequent.  The road trip continues to the township of Mahdia, here you will change vehicle to an open back 4x4 for a one hour trail drive to Pamela landing on the Potaro River.  The real adventure begins with a 2hrs boat trip and walking up the Potaro River to Amatuk Fall.  Here the water rushes over rocks creating natural Jacuzzi’s.  Overnight at camp Amatuk.

(Included meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Day 4:  Kaieteur
Thursday ( 8 hours ) The next day you leave by boat above the fall to continue your journey, which now enters the Kaieteur Gorge.  Steep mountains rise up on either side to heights of 2,000ft.  Some with bare rock faces looking like ancient temples.  This will bring us to our next Campsite Waratuk fall where you camp for the night.

(Included meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Day 5:  Waratuk
Friday ( 8 hours ) After an early breakfast, we begin the last leg of the journey.  An 8hrs hike will take you from Waratuk fall to Tukiet, where we overnight.  This is a fabulous campsite with refreshing swimming in the Potaro River and a spectacular view of the gorge. 

(Included meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Day 6:  Kaieteur
Saturday ( 4 hours ) From Tukeit you will ascend the mountain to the top of Kaieteur fall – 4hrs hike.  The ascent winds it way up the mountain through changing vegetation as the altitude rises.  You will pass cool mountain streams where it is impossible to cress without a dip.  The final stage of the climb is known as ‘OH MY GOD’ because of its steep trail. But on reaching the top all is forgotten as you catch your glimpse of the mighty Kaieteur.  At dusk thousand of swifts gather the sky like dark clouds then plunge into the water of the fall to their nesting site on the rock face behind the fall.  Tonight we sleep at Kaieteur Guest House. 

(Included meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Day 7:  Kaieteur - Georgetown
Sunday The early morning mist of Kaieteur gives way to a fantastic view of the falls from Johnson View that affords a frontal vista of the fall.  The golden frog can easily be seen in the giant Bromeliads in this area, and spends it entire like from tadpole to maturity in the bromeliad.  On the plane to Georgetown you get a final, spectacular aerial view of Kaieteur Falls and the gorge and the awe-inspiring expanse of rainforest and rivers that will hold the secrets of your adventure forever. Transfer from airport to Georgetown and overnight at Cara Lodge. 

(Included meals : Breakfast, Lunch)
Day 8:  Lethem - Boa Vista
Monday This morning take a flight to Lethem and then cross border to Bon Fim in Brazil to catch the bus to Boa Vista.  Then take a bus from Boa Vista to Santa Elena.  Reception at Brazilian border town (La Linea) by your tour leader.  Transfer to Santa Elena de Uairen (Venezuelan border town with Brazil).  Santa Elena is a gold mining town founded in 1922 by Sr. Pena – a gold prospector who named the town after his first daughter.  It’s an approx. 20 minutes ride from the Brazilian border.  Overnight at Camp Yakoo. 

(Included meals : Dinner)
Day 9:  Canaima
Tuesday ( 4 hours / 8 KMS ) Drive to Canaima National Park, which is inhabited by indigenous people of the Pemon Linguistic Group.  The Canaima National Park is 30,000 sq. km. and is the seventh largest National Park in the world.  Visit the Jasper waterfalls, where you will be able to appreciate the different tones of colour of this semi-precious rock.  Drive to Paritepuy de Roraima, a small indigenous community of the Pemon Indians, where we’ll meet our camp porters for the trek. 

We begin our trek across rolling grassland of the savannah.  Crossing several streams we then ford the Tek River and later on the Kukunan River.  We camp at the Kukunan campsite, having a fantastic view of the stark face of Roraima ahead and Kukunana Tepuy to its left.  Kukunan Falls, the second tallest in the world (640 metres), should be clearly visible.  From here we can also see the pinnacle of rock next to Roraima, like the one by which Conan Doyle’s heroes climbed to the top. 

(Included meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Day 10:  Roraima
Wednesday ( 5 hours / 12 KMS ) We trek across rising savannah to the base of the mountain to camp in a meadow alive with multi-coloured birds and fireflies at night and is considered in guidebooks as being one of the best campsites in the world!  The Roraima wall is extremely impressive here rising 3,000 feet directly in front of the camp, with the quartz in the rock glittering in the late afternoon sun. 

(Included meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Day 11:  Roraima
Thursday ( 5 hours / 3 KMS ) In the morning we set off up the route that leads diagonally across the face of the Roraima wall.  The narrow trail winds through the montane rainforests and crosses the small streams where hummingbirds, orchids and brightly coloured flowers are abundant.  Higher up, the vegetation changes to pre-historic tree ferns and the trail leads under a waterfall descending from the cliff edge hundreds of feet above. 

After 4 -5 hours we arrive at the entrance to the summit, guarded by massive grey rocks and emerge at the top – looking back for an incredible view.  We visit the Valley of Crystals, the river-valley of the Arobopo River shaped like an amphitheatre around which are grouped large dark rounded stone columns. The river itself runs over a bed of crystals and crystal fragments.  We visit the northern point of Mount Roraima for stunning views from various points on the edge. 

(Included meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Day 12:  Roraima
Friday ( 9 hours ) We explore Roraima’s summit trekking a long circular route to the triple border point, where Venezuela, Guyana and Brazil meet.  We walk through strange rock formations, surprisingly lush valleys and places where the ground is covered with sparkling quartz crystals.  There are rock pools everywhere and in them you may be lucky enough to see the strange black toads, unique to Mount Roraima.  The plant life is bizarre, as over half the species are unique to Tepuys or to Roraima alone, including several species of orchids and carnivorous plants.  We also visit the Oil Bird cave (Guacharo bird). 

(Included meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Day 13:  Roraima
Saturday ( 8 hours / 14 KMS ) In the morning there is still time to explore some more before we descend to the base and continue to Tek River where we overnight. 

(Included meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Day 14:  Santa Elena
Sunday ( 4 hours / 8 KMS ) We complete the return to Paratepuy to be met by our driver with fresh supplies of beer, soft drinks and a large lunch.  We say good-bye to our camp porters and set off to Santa Elena de Uairen where we again stay at Camp Yakoo. 

(Included meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Day 15:  Lethem
Monday You will transfer to the Brazilian border town La Linea where you will continue your return trip to Lethem, Guyana.  Overnight at Savannah Inn. 

(Included meals : Breakfast, Dinner)
Day 16:  Fly out from Georgetown
Tuesday Fly from Lethem to Georgetown.  Transfer to airport for departing international flight. 

(Included meals : Breakfast)
Trip type:
  Private service