Manatee Explorer 

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View of the boat

Manatee Amazon Explorer - View of the BoatAlmost 500 years have passed since the discovery of this magnificent river system that flows through the world´s largest primeval forest, containing 10% of all existing trees, 70% of all pharmaceutical compounds, and native Indians that live symbiotically with their unique ecosystem. This is the habitat of wildlife that is sure to be watching you - or vice versa - if you are lucky: freshwater dolphins, 500 species of birds, half a dozen species of monkeys, caimans, tapirs, 2500 species of butterflies.

Manatee Amazon Explorer
Today, you can be a temporary guest in this magical wonderland for young and old. The new Manatee Amazon Explorer, designed for jungle adventures, yet featuring the comforts and advantages of modern technology, is the result of over 20 years of experience in running expeditions. Manatee vessel is comfortable, and it complies with both national and international navigation norms, as well as safety, security, and environmental protection standards.  Manatee is certified by Smart Voyager and Rainforest Alliance, both of which guarantee the sustainability of their operation.

The craft has 3 decks:
- On the main deck there is a dining area, kitchen, the crew’s cabins, and the engine room.
- The upper deck has 10 cabins including crew cabins.  The sun deck holds the bridge deck, 4 cabins, the bar and lounge, and the exterior dining area.
- The Manatee Amazon Explorer is also equipped with a small fleet of motorized canoes.  The canoes provide unlimited mobility and allow for the exploration of the most remote areas and inaccessible shores.

Manatee Amazon Explorer - CabinCabins
The boat has the capacity to accommodate up to 30 passengers in 14 of its charming double, double-twin and single-twin cabins.  Each cabin is equipped with air conditioning, closets, a private bathroom complete with a special shower massage, hot and cold water, 24 hours of electricity and 110-voltage outlets and switches.

Common areas
The vessel also has interior and exteriorManatee Amazon Explorer - Restaurant dining areas that are located on the main deck and the sun deck.  On the latter deck you can also find the bar and conference room.  The conference room has a flat-screen television, projector and comfortable seating, and it is here where the nature guides will give informative talks and detail the following day’s activities. This room also has a computer lounge with internet service, as well as a small library where a wide variety of materials can be found, from novels to specialized guides on the region’s flora and fauna. 

In the kitchen, the chefs offer you a spectacular variety of both national and international cuisine as well as an excellent selection of beers and sparkling wines to be enjoyed in the interior or exterior dining areas.

- Bird watching: For bird watchers this part of the world is like heaven with many species that can only be seen in the great Amazonian rainforest.  Excursions on land will give you the opportunity to see some of these beautiful birds at a relatively close distance. The expert nature guides know all about the species that will be observed.

- Nature walks and hiking: The majority of the nature walks will take place on the solid ground of the Amazon rainforests.  They can be long, medium or short and can be scheduled according to your wishes.
Canoe excursions: Canoe excursions are an excellent opportunity to witness the local flora and fauna.  There are many opportunities to paddle in these small native canoes either alone or in a group.  In order to explore remote areas we also use motorized canoes. 

- Swimming: There will be many opportunities to enjoy this aquatic experience in one or more rivers and lakes that the Ecuadorian Amazon has to offer.  Full of vitamins and minerals, the water of these rivers obtain their color from the fallen leaves that steep their colors into the water like tea.